Section B5 Writing out two sides of a choice – consequences

With my partner Tyson, we developed the consequences of either side of a big decision.

You have the choice of either moving away from your home and family to get a very good higher education, or you stay close and don’t get a very good education.

Pros with moving away are you get a better education which can lead to better chances for your future and more job opportunities. You also get to experience a different way to live if you move away and get to learn new things that you didn’t or wouldn’t do at home. Chance to actually depend on just yourself and learn how to live by yourself. You also will make a lot more new friends since you won’t have any in the beginning. But the cons with moving away are you may be considered different because of how you act, the way you dress, or the way you look (race). You also are moving away from your family so you won’t see them as often and travel back to see them may cost a lot. You also may be shy and have troubles making new friends, and trying to experience new things may scare you and you might have a lot of trouble adjusting to your new place.

Cons with staying close to home but not getting a good education are you may not have as many future job opening or opportunities as you would have if you moved away and went to the better school. You also won’t get to experience as many different things that you could have if you moved away, and you would have never got the whole feeling of living by yourself if you stay close to home because you would always have your family near to be with you. Which may be considered a bad thing because your family can visit you all the time and be a pain in the butt. The pros of being close would be you always have your family near so they can visit you when ever you or they want and travel to see them won’t be as bad as it would be if you lived far away. You also have a sense of security because you won’t have much change and will not have to be concerned about making new friends and changing how you live to fit in.

By Jessica and Tyson